About Eastman

Eastman is a sustainable, intergenerational, recreational community that offers an active, four-season lifestyle.

Eastman is situated in three towns: Enfield, Grantham, and Springfield
Size of Eastman: over 3,600 acres
Original number of sub-divided lots: 2,181
ECA-owned lots: 331
Undeveloped lots privately owned: 119
Developed lots: Single-family homes: 987
                                Condos: 336

Number of full-time vs part-time residents: In the 2010 survey, 62% of Eastman Members listed their Eastman property as their “primary residence;” 59% said they live here year-round; 14% seasonally; 22% weekends/vacations.

Eastman Lake:
Size of Eastman Lake: 335 acres, 2 miles long x ½ mile wide
Height of lake: 1,095 feet above sea level
Type of fish in the lake: Pickerel, small & large-mouth bass, and suckers
Ownership of lake: All lakes (actually “great ponds” in New Hampshire) are owned by the state and must have some form of public access.
Depth of lake: Average depth is 10 feet, deepest spot is 30 feet.

Roads, Trails & Wildlife:
Paved and unpaved roads: 55 miles
Hiking trails: 17 miles
Groomed cross country trials: 36K, or nearly 22.5 miles
List of typical wildlife: Loons, fox, bear, moose, deer, turtles, and much more!

Year Eastman Golf Links opened: The first 9 holes opened in 1972; the second 9, in 1976.
Golf course statistics: Yardage 6,731; Par 71; Rating 73.5
Golf carts rented per day: On average 63 carts are rented daily.
Buckets of balls dispensed per day: An average of 125 buckets, or 4,400 balls

Pool dimensions: 75 feet long x 24 feet wide, not including the walkway or shallow section

Fitness Center:
Aerobic Equipment: 4 treadmills, 2 recumbent bikes, 1 upright bike, 4 elliptical machines, 1 rowing machine
Strength Equipment: Free weights w/bench, chest press, seated leg press, seated row, shoulder press, ab crunch machine, leg extension, seated leg curl

Want more information? Contact us at info@eastmannh.org or 603-863-4240, or fill out the Send Me Eastman Information page.