Lake Activities

Eastman Lake is the Crown Jewel of the community. Many of our community members are dedicated to the protection of the lake and the watershed that feeds it. The annual Lake Appreciation Day each summer gives people an opportunity to learn more about this valuable asset.

A day on the lake means different things to different people. Paddlers take to their canoes and kayaks. Sun worshipers lie on one of our six sandy beaches. Sailing enthusiasts can rent a Sunfish or sail their own boat. Eastman Lake offers some great fishing, including pickerel and large- and small-mouth bass.  Although motorboats are allowed on the lake, the 10-mile-per-hour, state-imposed speed limit makes it a quiet and enjoyable place to be!

The lake has three islands, the largest of which (Heron Island) offers a landing point so small craft boaters can enjoy a picnic or take a stroll (there’s even a mouldering toilet there!). The small island has been the annual nesting place for Eastman’s loons and is named “Loon Island” for obvious reasons. A loon raft, our fourth “island,” gives the loons an alternative, predator-free environment in which to nest.