Hiking around Eastman

By Lynn Kisselbach

To the lake!

I haven’t mentioned one of my favorite activities at Eastman! Hiking trails abound both on the property and adjacent. One of my favorite hikes is the trail that goes around the lake. Last weekend, while the temperatures were comfortable and the skies the most amazing shade of blue, I decided to head out and revisit this hike.

The trail has a broad mix of terrain and is hilly in many spots, but the views are wonderful. Not far from East Cove, I stopped on an outcropping to see if I could catch any activity in the beaver lodge. No luck, but the sun was warm as it danced on the lake, so I enjoyed the view for several minutes.

On to South Cove, where it was noticeably quieter than over the summer. The lake temperatures have dropped enough that even the most intrepid swimmers might think twice before jumping in. From South Cove, I took the trail to the West Cove beaches, which were also much quieter. The view back down the lake was really nice. This part of the trail is wider and, while hilly, it’s the easiest part of the trail to navigate.

My favorite portion of the trail explores the back eddies of the lake and is certainly the “trail less traveled.” It takes you through several habitats that you wouldn’t normally see from the lake and you get some nice glimpses of the beautiful homes tucked in the woods.

With many of the birds already migrating to warmer climes, it was a quiet hike, but just so lovely. I stopped for some water and a snack (the hike takes about 3.5 hours) about halfway and just took in the views. In the distance I could see Mt. Sunapee and the ski trails that will beckon downhill skiers this winter. A lone hawk flew above.

From there,

I continued on the trail and arrived at North Cove, a nice beach nestled in a small cove.

Again, there were no swimmers, but I noticed some kayakers enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures. From there, it was back to East Cove to complete the loop.

If you haven’t been to this beautiful hike, I highly recommend it!