Monday, Feb. 27. CLOSED for today, and probably Tuesday as well

Total KM Open: No trails open  
Snow Depth:    
Track Set    
Skate Groomed    
Snowfall last 24 hrs4.    
Skating Rink Closed  
Sledding Hill Closed  

On the Golf Course - Snow segments with bare spots. Not suitable for skiing today.

Status Trail # Miles  
  Lazy Loop 1 1.1  
  Pond Loop 1A 0.4  
  Practice Loop 1B 0.3  
  Croydon Connector 1C 0.4  
  Croydon Run 3 1.9  
  Longwood Loop 2 1.6  
  Suicide Crest 4 2.1  

Off the Golf Course: very hard snow with some icy spots. Some trails (Brook, Lake) OK for snowshoeing with high quality snow shoes (good built-in crampons.)

Status Trail # Miles    
  Andy's Alley 10 0.4    
  John's Glen 9 2.6    
  Craig's Corridor 11 0.3    
  Deer Path 8 3.3    
  Lake Trail 6 2.2 Dog friendly trail.  
  Bright Slope 7 3.2 snowshoe only  
  Brook Trail 5 2.6    




Eastman Cross Country is known for their grooming. A dedicated maintenance staff uses a Pisten Bully 100 and two Ski-doo Skandic snowmobiles with a pull behind groomer to create incredible classic and skate skiing.