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July 9th, 2016test

Northern Paths

Upper Falls _ Craig McArt

Upper Falls

Post and Photo by Craig McArt

More than one trail stretches northward from Eastman into Enfield’s Henry Laramie Wildlife Management Area. The familiar one leads to Cole Pond, but another one of similar length begins at Butternut Pond and takes you to Halfmile Pond. Halfmile is a small, narrow fingerling of a pond, about a quarter-mile long—call it a half-mile around to justify the name. NH Fish and Game stocks this 8-acre pond from the air with trout. Continue reading...

December 8th, 2015test

Lonely Leavitt Pond

By Craig McCart
Photos courtesy of the Grantham Historical Society

Tucked away in the remote, northwest corner of Grantham is a beautiful pond – one that few people ever hike out to see. Nearby is a hilltop with an amazing view – one that few people manage to take in. Leavitt Pond and the hilltop called “Little Mt. Washington” are hidden treasures, to be sure. Continue reading...

November 23rd, 2015test

One Daring Man: Frank Furdyna

By Judy McCarthy

On the mountaintop

Milt Weinstein, John Lohmann, Frank Furdyna.
Photo Courtesy Milt Weinstein

“The tops of mountains are among the unfinished parts of the globe, whither it is a slight insult to the gods to climb and pry into their secrets, and try their effect on our humanity. Only daring men, perchance, go there.”
Henry David Thoreau, The Maine Woods Continue reading...

October 31st, 2015test

Why live in Eastman?

By Steve Haase
Why do we choose to live in Eastman? The nearest full-size grocery store is at least 20 minutes away. The nearest shopping centerFish August 1, 2015 is at least 30 minutes away. The nearest “real” shopping is about an hour away in Concord or Manchester. There are no street lights or mail delivery. So why do we choose to live here? Continue reading...
May 9th, 2015test

A Trail for All Seasons

Article and Photos by Richard Sachs
(Originally published in Eastman Living, Spring 2015)

Western entrance at Spencer Street in Lebanon

Western entrance at Spencer Street in Lebanon

Are you familiar with the Northern Rail Trail?  When you drive up to Lebanon, you go right over it. This well used recreational gem passes under I-89 just past Exit 17, at about the 54.4-mile marker. If you can (safely) look over the guardrail, you will just spot it. This is the western end of it, which runs from downtown Continue reading...

April 17th, 2015test

Revealing Rhodo Park

By Craig McArt


BlossomsHidden in a moist swale between Shore Road and Road ’Round the Lake, a rare, wild colony of giant rhododendron had escaped notice of all but a few in 2010. Of those few, apparently none realized the significance of this obscure stand. Only when several members of the Woodlands and Wildlife Committee decided to investigate, did its fascinating history come to light.

They began their investigation by contacting the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau for information Continue reading...

February 17th, 2012test

The Icy Kingdom

By Bonnie J. Fladung

“February. Get ink, shed tears.
Write of it, sob your heart out, sing,
While torrential slush that roars
Burns in the blackness of the spring.”
– Boris Pasternak, author Dr. Zhivago

The opulent ice palace in Dr. Zhivago is an unforgettable scene. The glittery icicles dripping off the roof. Inside – the chandelier, piano, furniture – all transformed into an ethereal dream. To create the scene, the production designers used hot white beeswax and buckets Continue reading...