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July 4th, 2016test

Saving Our Loons–Hook, Line and Sinker

Loon and chicks _ Cathy LacombeBy Susie Burbidge

We are extremely fortunate to have a resident pair of loons that calls Eastman Lake “home” each summer. How would you feel if one of those treasured adults was found listless, close to shore, unable to keep its head up, and showing signs of a neurological disorder? Continue reading...

October 31st, 2015test

Why live in Eastman?

By Steve Haase
Why do we choose to live in Eastman? The nearest full-size grocery store is at least 20 minutes away. The nearest shopping centerFish August 1, 2015 is at least 30 minutes away. The nearest “real” shopping is about an hour away in Concord or Manchester. There are no street lights or mail delivery. So why do we choose to live here? Continue reading...
April 11th, 2015test

Listening to the Loons

By Milt Weinstein
Loon at Ice-Out by Cathy LacombeLoons communicate with four basic vocalizations: the wail, the tremolo, the yodel and the hoot. The wail is their primary means of communicating from a distance. When nesting, loons wail to ask their partner to take over the nest, and, when raising chicks, they wail to invite their partner to relieve them of their parental duties or to indicate where food can be found. The simplest wail consists of three notes – a plaintive low-high-low, with the Continue reading...

July 10th, 2014test

Loony for Loons

Loons nesting

Signs go out each year warning people away from the nesting site.

By Judi Platt

July means many things to us in New Hampshire – fireworks, hot dogs, the Prouty, and this year, hot, hazy days with summer storms. Additionally, on Eastman Lake, once again July means nesting time for our resident loons. The signs are up in North Cove, and with the anxiety and excitement of expectant parents, we humans look forward to the births. Continue reading...

May 5th, 2014test

Living @ Eastman with Eastman Living

By Judi Platt

Winter 2014 Eastman Living Cover

Winter 2014 Eastman Living

At the recent Council meeting, ECA President Maynard Goldman gave a “shout out” (in the common vernacular of political stumps and Hollywood acceptance speeches) to Judy McCarthy and her team that produce Eastman Living. It may have been the only thing that the standing-room only Continue reading...

July 12th, 2011test

Eastman celebrates the 4th

By Lynn Kisselbach

The skies cleared, the sun

shone, the lake warmed up.  The weather was perfect over the long weekend, but especially on Saturday, just in time for the 4th of July festivities at Eastman.  The 4th is a special time at Eastman, where the warm weather draws people outside and together with festivities that everyone enjoys.

It started with a concert by our own Eastmanaires – a very talented singing group comprised of Continue reading...