Scheduled Round Robins

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Men’s: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Mornings
Women’s: Friday Mornings
Mixed Doubles Sunday Afternoon

Eastman offers men’s round robins at 7:30 a.m., 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays, at 9 a.m. on
Wednesdays and Saturdays and 9 a.m. for women on Fridays. Play will begin on Friday, June 1 and will end
the last week in September. On-line sign up for round robins will begin May 15, although you can sign up any
time during the summer. You can indicate your start and ending dates, which round robins you want to play
in, your preferred time and your estimate of your level of play (to be confirmed by round robin
coordinators). Every effort is made to match you with three other players at a similar level of tennis ability to
ensure a good game for all. You will receive a schedule of your matches by e-mail on Tuesday every week
with two future weeks listed.

Players of all levels are invited to sign up for one, two, three, or all groups for a one-time scheduling fee of
$10. Contact Recreation at (603) 863-6772 or with questions and to pay.

The men’s round robin coordinator is Larry Shulman ( and the women’s coordinator
is Amy Hoffman (

There is also a Sunday afternoon mixed doubles at 2:30PM that is not on the computer
scheduling system.

You need to contact Pete Podesta at to let him know you would like to play.


Each player will be sent emails after midnight whenever their schedule changes or updates are made to their playing profile via Online Forms.

Each player is expected to submit a Date Un-Availability form to identify dates or date ranges they are unavailable to play as soon as they realize it. Dates they cannot play for the whole summer can be submitted at any time. Emails sent out to players will contain references to Eastman Webpage from which all Online Update Forms can be opened and all Participant and Current Schedule  Reports can be obtained.

Normally players will only need to use the Sign Up and the Date Un-Availability Forms.  Participant Status Update and Time preference Forms are used as needed.

Efforts will be made to schedule four players in a match who are at similar levels of skill.

All Round Robin schedules of matches and other communications are sent out by email to all participants. People uncomfortable with Internet usage or who don’t have access, can identify a “buddy” that can submit information for them and receive copies of their emails.

Round Robin Coordinators(s)

  1. Men: Larry Shulman 603-863-7638
  2. Women: Amy Hoffman 603-863-8163
  3. Mixed Doubles: Pete or Alice Podesta 603-843-8045

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  1. Monday Morning Men’s RR
  2. Friday Morning Men’s RR
  3. Friday Morning Women’s RR
  4. Saturday Morning Men’s Doubles RR
  5. Wednesday Morning Men’s Doubles RR
  6. Sunday Afternoon Mixed Doubles RR
Please review Eastman Scheduled Round Robin Terms and Conditions, click here.

Scheduled Round Robin Information Pages

Each round robin has its own Web Page which identifies the league coordinator(s), contact information and any league specific information.   For more information on each league, click on the League name in the above current league list.

When you sign up for any round robin via online registration form, your registration will be in a active status.  You should also fill out and submit known dates you are unavailable for play during the summer. You should always keep your Unavailability up to date. The round robin coordinator may review and update additional information to complete the registration. Recreation will post the payment of the $10 fee. (See info below on how $10 can be paid)

Contact Eastman Recreation at 603 863-6772 for more information and to pay the $10 fee to participate in scheduled play.

For now, all leagues will follow the same weekly scheduling cycle, which can be summarized as follows:

  1.  After Midnight, the sign-ups and all other update forms submitted during the day will be processed. This will done in an automated schedule basis. Emails will be sent to the submitters with an updated round robin Profile Report that participants can check for accuracy.
  2. Approximately 12 days before that next playing period begins, a reminder email is sent to all tennis round robin league participants asking you to review and update your availability for the next period to be scheduled.
  3. Each email sent to participants will remind participants of when the next weekly schedule is to be created and added to the current schedule.
  4. When the new schedules are created, they will be emailed to round robin Coordinators for review.  The round robin Coordinators may initiate changes. The schedule email will be sent to all participants 24 hours after it was updated. This gives 24 hours for coordinator review.
  5. All participants will receive an email that will include their leagues, their personal Participant Profiles and their scheduled matches. The email will contain references to the Eastman tennis Webpage where the Current Schedule and a Participants List and all Update forms can be found .
  6. Players, on an ongoing basis, are expected to keep their availability information current.

Participants are expected to show up for all scheduled matches or arrange for your own substitute. The participants list includes player emails and phone numbers. It is provided to help you identify round robin substitute players. The schedule also indicate players who will play twice just after or before their scheduled matches. The schedule also notes those players who are subs for that match as wells as those players who had byes for that week. They are also available to Substitute. Guests may also be called upon to play as substitutes but care should be taken to get substitutes that play at or about the same level as you to provide all players with a good playing experience.