Round Robins–FAQs


What is a “round robin”?

A round robin is a recreational format of playing doubles with a rotating schedule of partners. Matches usually last 1 1/2 hours. Since it is casual play, players may decide whether to keep the same partner for an entire match, or to change partners after each set played. 

Where are matches played?

All round robins are played on the Har Tru courts at the North Entrance on Draper Road.

What do I have to do to play?

The Women’s and Mixed Round Robins are drop-in events and don’t require any advance notice to the coordinators. Just show up at the time listed for 2019 Round Robins with a racquet, can of balls, and appropriate footwear for Har Tru courts. 

The Men’s Round Robins are scheduled beforehand and require signing up using a proprietary online system. Efforts are made to schedule players of similar ability to play together.

How do I sign up for the Men’s Round Robins?

The Men’s Round Robins use a proprietary system for scheduling. For detailed information how to sign onto that system, go to Forms and Instructions for the Men’s Round Robins.

What do I do if I encounter a problem?

If you need information, have any questions, concerns, issues, etc., bring them to the listed on the page 2019 Round Robins. The coordinator is your conduit for information and issue resolution. If he isn’t able to help you directly immediately, he will know whom to contact and will get back to you.

Useful links for the Round Robins

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Terms and Conditions–Men’s Round Robins

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