Round Robins–FAQs


Where are matches played?

All league matches are played at the Lower Courts at the North Entrance on Draper Road. Every effort will be made to schedule matches with doubles teams of relatively equal ability. Players normally should be available for all scheduled playing times.



How do I sign up?

To obtain Signup Form and/or submit other update forms for tennis activity, click here.

Fill  out all forms carefully and press the Submit button at the end of the form. You will get a response window pop up acknowledging your submission. You will receive an email with a Profile Report that should reflect your input. If we detect a problem with your submission such as we couldn’t identify you, the league coordinator will be informed.

Key points about our scheduling process:

  1. You can submit forms multiple times. Each submission is time date stamped. The last submission for the same information is what we will use.
  2. Your Availability is expected to be current at all times but you will receive emails that contain your current playing profile that identifies your availability, playing preferences and restrictions.
  3. Schedules for next playing period will be emailed to you with participant lists and your current playing profile. All schedules and other reports will be available by links to from GOOGLE Eastman  Account via emails and from this website.
  4. You are responsible  for getting a substitute player if you can’t play in a scheduled match. You also must let other players in your match know of substitute situation.


What do I do if I encounter a problem?

If you need information, have any questions, concerns, issues, etc., bring them to the coordinator. The coordinator is your conduit for information and issue resolution. He/she interfaces with the Recreation Department and the scheduler. Be patient and your coordinator will help you. If he/she isn’t able to help you directly immediately, he/she will know who to contact and will get back to you.


Please review Eastman Scheduled Round Robin Terms and Conditions, click here.