Terms and Conditions – Eastman’s Tennis Round Robins

Eligibility to Play

Each round robin participant, men’s, women’s, or mixed doubles, must be an ECA Member in good standing with a current Eastman ID tag. Non-ECA members or ECA lot owners may purchase a Summer Membership that allows them to play unlimited number of times or may purchase Day Passes for single-time play. Fees for the season are listed on the Play at Eastman page.

Care of the Courts

Eastman is a private community in which residents take pride in the condition of the amenities offered. While the ECA maintenance crew takes care of the courts with watering and machine grooming, players are responsible for keeping them in good playing condition after use.

All players, including visitors and players with Day Passes, are expected to drag the courts and sweep the lines following play.

Appropriate tennis footwear is required to play. Track shoes, dress shoes, or footwear with any type of cleats are not allowed on the Har Tru courts.


Participants recognize that the round robins are provided for the enjoyment of all the participants. Courteous behavior is expected by all. Please read the Tennis Players’ Code of Conduct if you are new to the sport or playing at Eastman.

The following are applicable to the Men’s Round Robins.

Substitute Players

When a participant is scheduled for a match, he is responsible for showing up to play the match at the scheduled time, or obtaining a substitute player of similar skill level. Substitutes can be found by checking the Participation Lists or checking the playing schedule for players scheduled before or after a match who have indicated they will play twice a day. Those players’ names are preceded by an & (ampersand).

If a player fails to show up or provide a substitute for a scheduled match, he will receive a “warning” from the league coordinator. If a second match is missed, he will not be scheduled for the following two weeks. Missing a third match results in removal from the Participants’ List.

Scheduling Issues

Participants in the men’s round robins are responsible for submitting their availability and other information on forms provided in a timely manner. When there are issues associated with the schedule or anything else to do with round robin play, the participant should notify the Men’s Round Robin coordinator listed on the page 2019 Round Robins.

Balls for Matches

The player flagged with a $ before his name for a scheduled match is expected to provide a can of balls for the match. If a substitute is obtained for the match, he should be informed that it is his responsibility to provide balls for the match.

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