Terms and Conditions – Eastman Tennis Scheduled Round Robins

Each participant has already signed a standard Eastman Waiver form when they obtained their Eastman Card ID or paid their activity fee (tags or coupon book).

When a participant is scheduled for a match, they are responsible for either:

  • showing up to play the match at the scheduled time
  • obtaining a substitute player of near equal ability
Participants flagged with a $ before their name in a scheduled match are expected to bring the balls for that match. If you get a substitute for that match, you should pay the substitute for the balls and make sure he/she brings balls.
Substitutes can be found by checking the participation lists provided for substitute players. You can also check the schedules for players playing before or after your match that have indicated they will play twice (their name is preceded by a & )

When there are issues associated with the schedule or anything else to do with round robin Play, the participant should notify the appropriate  Coordinator.

Participants are responsible for submitting their availability and other information on forms provided in a timely manner.

Participants recognize that the tennis matches are scheduled for the enjoyment of all the participants. Courteous behavior is expected by all.

When there are problems with a scheduled match, reach out to the other participants and  Coordinators to seek assistance in resolving.

Enjoy the Tennis season!