Forms and Instructions for Men’s Round Robins

An online account and payment of an annual $10 registration fee are required for participation in the men’s round robins. Players may register throughout the season.

Players who do not have access to electronic communication devices may identify a “buddy” to submit information and receive copies of emails.

Types of Forms

Note to Newport Tennis Club* members: You need only set up a single account.

Account Create – Tennis* (click here) is used to provide player personal information – Name, Emails, Phones, Pass Key, Buddy, etc. Use this form to change your email address and/or pass key. Your contact email address and pass key are used to identify you on subsequent online form submissions. The pass key defaults to a player’s initials, but can be any value easily remembered (not a pass word). 

Sign Up – Eastman Tennis  (click here ) is used to identify the round robins you will participate in as a regular player or a substitute. It is used to update league start date, stop date, and change status. You will be in active status, once your  information is processed and your $10 fee verified as paid. Participants are responsible for keeping information current. Only active status participants receive email communications. You can change your playing status to regular player or substitute, or provide a stop date that will place you in inactive status.  Completion of another Sign Up form is required to reactivate your status to active

Date Un-Availability  – Eastman Tennis (click here) is used to identify dates and/or times you can or cannot play on a specific date. Example: You have a doctor’s appointment at 10 a.m. on Monday June 18, so you submit this form indicating that you must play at 7:30 a.m. on 6/18/2012.  You can also erase that restriction or override it with another restriction submission for the same date/time.

Weekly Time Preferences  – Eastman Tennis (click here) is used to identify times that you prefer, must play, or can’t play, etc. Your time preferences information contains your preferences for each round robin  playing time. The preference or restrictions are “Prefer,” “Must Play at,” “Never schedule at,” “Only schedule every other week,” and “Only every 3 weeks.”

Update Account – Tennis  (click here) is used to change information. It can be used to change the primary Email Address and Pass Key.

General Help for Submission of Forms

  • Complete the Account Update Form carefully and review the content before submitting the form. 
  • Check your Participant Profile Report that you have received in email for accuracy. Following submission of a form, a pop-up window acknowledges your submission and is followed by a copy of the form in email. Within a reasonable amount of time (certainly before scheduling is done), you will receive an email with a Participant Profile Report
  • Update your information as soon as you know of changes. Forms may be submitted more than once, but the latest time/date-stamped form submitted is used for scheduling. If a problem is detected with your submission such as your identity wasn’t clearly established, the league coordinator will be informed.
    • All emails sent to you–or most of them–will show your playing profile that will show all the information the scheduling system has stored about your preferences, restrictions, and league preferences.
  • Update Your Date Unavailability or Availability as soon as you know it has changed. Reminders emailed prior to scheduling the next period will remind you of this.
    • Schedules for the next playing period will be emailed to you. Schedules and other reports will be available via links referenced in emails sent to you.
  • Contact the league coordinators to obtain help, report issues, comments or problems.

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