Tennis Committee Hosts Open House

AN OPEN INVITATION to the Pavilion Open House, Saturday, August 31, 3 to 5 p.m.

Calling all tennis players—and would-be tennis players—to this event that will combine play with a little organizational work—er, we mean “FUN,” as the Tennis Subcommittee evaluates this year’s program and plans for the next.

  • Come see what is planned for summer 2020. (Hint: a lot)
  • Meet your tennis subcommittee–without having to attend a meeting!
  • Experience the new pavilion.
  • Share what you would like included or improved upon in the tennis program.

All ideas are welcome—unlike on the tennis court, you can aim for outside the lines. Examples of a couple of ideas:

  • What about a bus trip to the Rogers Cup in Montreal next August?
  • Or a tennis “invitational” to introduce beginning players to play?

Bring your racquets, but play is not mandatory. Staying to enjoy refreshments and meet members of the tennis community is! CHEERS!

(And, when there, don’t forget to sign up those friends and family to receive our eblasts about tennis events and news in Eastman.)