Tennis Teams

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Upper Valley Tennis Association (UVTA) League Play

There will be four league teams this summer: one Men’s A team (4.0 U.S.T.A. rating); one Men’s B team (3.0 to 3.5 rating) and two Women’s B teams (3.0 to 3.5 rating). These teams play one evening (6PM) each week, home and away, and practice with the pro once each week throughout the summer.

Teams are coached by the tennis pro. In addition to matches one evening each week, regularly scheduled practices with the coach will also be held one late afternoon or evening each week. Matches are usually played on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Practices will be scheduled at the convenience of the coach and players. Check with team Captains to determine fees used for refreshments when the teams host players from other clubs and an all three teams end-of- the-season barbecue. The Upper Valley League fee (approximately $20) will be charged separately. For more information, contact the Captains:

Men’s A Team: Jeff Addie, 603-568- 0609,

Men’s B Team: Chris Arnold, 603-477- 6422,

Women’s B Teams: Beth Truax, 716-308- 7886, or Gina Hutchins, 603-667- 0344,