Eastman Cross Country Center Policies

The following policies apply to all users of our facilities:
Eastman XC Ski - Sledding Open

  • Check-in with the Cross Country Center is required to ski, skate, snowshoe or sled.
  • Display of either a season or a day pass when skiing or snowshoeing is required. Any user (owner or non-owner) not paying for services may be prosecuted for theft of services.
  • Vacate our facilities by 4:00 PM daily unless escorted by a staff member or when participating in a scheduled event.
  • Season pass holders must check-in with the Cross Country Center prior to skiing, skating or sledding. Check-in may be accomplished by calling the Center at 863-4500.
  • All users of our facilities must honor instructions issued by our Hosts, a staff member or Eastman Security.
  • The Cross Country Center reserves the right to refuse services at its discretion.
  • No walking on groomed trails.
  • No dogs on groomed trails. A groomed dog walking area is maintained at the ball field at South Cove.
  • All users use facilities at their own risk.
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