January 22, 2021 10:40a.m.
Trails are being groomed today. (NO TRACK)
The Ice Skating Rink is OPEN for re-surfacing. The Sledding Hill is OPEN.
Nordic Center Hours: Wednesday – Friday 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.  Masks are required in and around the Center.


Total KM Open:
Base Depth: 0-2 (Thin)
Track Set 4 KM
Groomed (Cord)
Snowfall last 24 hrs 2 inches
Skating Rink OPEN
Sledding Hill OPEN
Status Trail # Miles Comments
OPEN Lazy Loop 1 1.1 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Pond Loop 1A 0.4 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Practice Loop 1B 0.3 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Croydon Connector 1C 0.4 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Croydon Run 3 1.9 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Longwood Loop 2 1.6 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Sunrise Crest 4 3.4 Groomed Corduroy
Status Trail # Miles Comments
CLOSED Andy’s Alley 10 0.4 CLOSED
OPEN John’s Glen 9 2.6 Groomed Corduroy
OPEN Craig’s Corridor 11 .5 NOT Groomed
CLOSED Deer Path 8 3.3 CLOSED
OPEN Lake Trail 6 2.2 Groomed Corduroy
CLOSED Brook Trail 5 2.6 CLOSED



Eastman Ski - Trail Groomer

Eastman Cross Country is known for their grooming. A dedicated maintenance staff uses a Pisten Bully 100 and two Ski-doo Skandic snowmobiles with a pull behind groomer to create incredible classic and skate skiing. We groom in the following sequence when conditions allow; Practice Loop, Pond Loop, Lazy Loop, Brook Trail (east side), John’s Glen, Andy’s Alley, Craig’s Corridor, Deer Path, Croydon Connector, Croydon Run, Longwood Loop, Brook Trail (west side), Lake Trail and Trail #4.

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