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August 23rd, 2019

Women’s “Green” Team Wins UVCTA Championship!


(l to r) Linda Arnold, Gina Hutchins, Kate Cricco, Sara Lang, Heather Klein, Megan Malandrinos, and Andrea Murphy indicate that the “Green” team finished at #1 for the 2019 season.

A new championship banner will soon be hung on the fences at Eastman.

The ladies from Eastman’s “Green” team went to Newport Tennis Club last Wednesday on a mission to bring home a 3rd Women’s B League banner in seven years, and they certainly did not disappoint—either themselves, their teammates, or the fans who traveled to Newport to cheer them on. In fact, by the time they left the club, the courts were not the only thing they swept.

Linda Arnold and Sara Lang teamed up for the late-afternoon opener, facing two experienced Newport players. After getting off to a slow start in the first set, Linda and Sara came back strong to take the second 6-4, and used lobs and drop shots to win the 10-point tiebreaker, giving up only four points to their opponents. 

Following that hard-earned, confidence-building “W” for the team, Kate Cricco and Heather Klein faced a formidable team in Newport’s captain and her long-time partner. Characteristically consistent from the baseline, Kate sent shots deep to the opponents’ baseline while Heather mixed up the pace with sharp cross-court backhands. The “Green’s” duo needed a mere 13 games to clinch the win—and championship. The “Special K’s” (Kate and Klein) in their first year playing together, finished the 2019 season undefeated as a team.

Photo: Newport Captain Nancy Jachim and the “Green’s” Captain Heather Klein shake hands after Eastman’s team won, as Nancy’s partner, Sharon Goolbis (left) and Kate Cricco, Heather’s partner, (right) chat.

Two of the newest players on the team, Megan Malandrinos and Andrea Murphy were fierce and fired up at line 3. Not to be outdone by their teammates on the other court, the M&M team used their young legs, skills, and strategy to serve up their own 6-1, 6-0 win.

Photo: Megan Malandrinos ready to volley balls at the net while partner Andrea Murphy (not in photo) sets up the point at the baseline.

The M&M team round out what is a very deep roster for the Green Machine. Ten players finished the season winning more than 50% of their matches. In addition to the six women who played in the championship match, members of the Arnold/Klein/Lang-led team include: Caroline Carey, Christine Cecchetti, Judi Dixon, Connie Horton, Gina Hutchins, Brenda Rappeport, Pam Skillman, and Tami Palomba.

Tennis Trivia: What significance do the teams’ names “Blue” and “Green” have in Eastman?

According to the captains, the passion to play, the will to win, the enthusiasm and positive attitude exhibited by every member of the team all season long contributed to the team’s success. Heather also cited the camaraderie and support between the two women’s teams, the “Blue” and the “Green,” that practiced together all season long under enthusiastic coaching from Eastman’s tennis pro Josh Holt, as a factor in their road to success.

Congratulations to all for a great season! According to Heather, the ladies can’t wait to see the new banner hung on the fences on Draper Road. And neither can their loyal Eastman fans!

Fans on the edges of their seats

Answer to trivia question: Blue and green are the colors on the Eastman logo, an official registered trademark.

August 23rd, 2019

Tennis Committee Hosts Open House

AN OPEN INVITATION to the Pavilion Open House, Saturday, August 31, 3 to 5 p.m.

Calling all tennis players—and would-be tennis players—to this event that will combine play with a little organizational work—er, we mean “FUN,” as the Tennis Subcommittee evaluates this year’s program and plans for the next.

  • Come see what is planned for summer 2020. (Hint: a lot)
  • Meet your tennis subcommittee–without having to attend a meeting!
  • Experience the new pavilion.
  • Share what you would like included or improved upon in the tennis program.

All ideas are welcome—unlike on the tennis court, you can aim for outside the lines. Examples of a couple of ideas:

  • What about a bus trip to the Rogers Cup in Montreal next August?
  • Or a tennis “invitational” to introduce beginning players to play?

Bring your racquets, but play is not mandatory. Staying to enjoy refreshments and meet members of the tennis community is! CHEERS!

(And, when there, don’t forget to sign up those friends and family to receive our eblasts about tennis events and news in Eastman.)

August 13th, 2019

Two New Events Added to 2019 Season

Plus a recap of the Member/Guest Tournament

UPDATED TIME: 3 – 5 p.m.

AUGUST 31, 4 – 6 p.m.






Don’t have those $200 tickets for the US Open and are tired of sitting in front of a flat screen watching the action from afar? Then, come to this event planned by Eastman’s Tennis Subcommittee. Teams of local teaching pros, including our own Josh Holt, will provide plenty of action up close. These USTA-rated 4.5 – 5.0 guys are amazing to watch, so set your DVRs for the Open and come out to the Eastman Open House to see some quality competition on the dirt on Draper Road.

Bring your own comfy chairs or come early to claim a space under the new pavilion.

Before and after the match, members of the subcommittee will reveal what’s planned for summer 2020 tennis programming and solicit feedback from attendees about this year’s events and round robins.

Evening Mixed Doubles

Sign up with a partner by calling Gary Atchinson at (802)-673-2743 or emailing

Play each week will be limited to 10 teams on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. While “drop-ins” are welcome, drop-in teams will not be guaranteed play if 10 teams have registered with Gary beforehand.  Any team turned away on a given week will be given top priority to play the following week.

So, get out your calendars and pick a partner for matches played on the lower and upper courts on Draper Road on:

Friday, August 16 – 5 p.m.

Wednesdays, August 21 through end of season – 5 p.m.

Member/Guest Tournament Recap

The third major weekend event of the summer brought out 25 players that represented a nice mix of ECA Members, summer tennis members, and guests from near and far. What started out as a nice day with an early fall-ish feel—weather just perfect for tennis—changed rapidly just before noon when winds began whipping around serves and lobs.  A light sprinkle quickly turned into a steady rain. However, the fast-moving weather front didn’t dampen any spirits as the courts dried out quickly and matches not completed before the rain resumed under sunny skies. Tournament director Josh Holt, whose upbeat attitude and quick thinking is as reliable as New England weather is unpredictable, provided the following results:

Men’s Doubles was played in a round robin format with the two unbeaten teams of Ed Hoyt and Chris Curwen (far left and second from left in photo) and Rick Cecchetti and Mark Fields (right and far right) matching up in the final round. Chris and Ed outlasted their opponents for a 9-7 victory.

Women’s Doubles was split into two round robin flights with Linda Arnold and Teresa Horan (second from right and far right) winning the first flight 2-0.  Judi Platt and Jenn Carnovale (far left and second from left) won the second flight, also 2-0.  Judi and Jenn won the finals matchup in a close 8-6 victory.

Mixed Doubles was played as an eight-team single elimination draw with a consolation round.  Mark Fields and Barb Schumacher played Raymond Crosby and Andrea Murphy in the finals.  Mark and Barb prevailed with an 8-5 victory.

Thank goodness for the new pavilion that provided a roof over players’ heads! And for Amy Hoffman, who as chair of Eastman’s tennis subcommittee, arranged for a carbohydrate-replenishing luncheon that satisfied both empty stomachs and soggy spirits. Amy extends her appreciation to those players and committee members who prepared homemade desserts that players enjoyed all afternoon: Linda Arnold, Kate Cricco, Judi Dixon, Gabby Eggert, Alice Podesta, and Barb Schumacher.

When the skies opened and rain interrupted play during the recent Member/Guest Tennis Tournament, players gathered at the pavilion to have lunch. In foreground, partners Alice Podesta and Kate Cricco; with back to camera, Heather Klein; in background against rail, Barb Schumacher, Mark Fields, Rick Cecchetti, Mitch Utell, and Tournament Director Josh Holt.

Chris Arnold and Amy Hoffman provided the photos for this blog.

August 2nd, 2019

Eastman’s “Slam”–August 10

Wimbledon is a memory now. The US Open is just weeks away. But, in between the two “Slams,” we have our own and it’s going to be grand! So put down the remote and stop looking for action on TennisChannel. Eastman is where it’s happening next week! Choose a partner and sign up for this final weekend event of the 2019 season–Eastman’s Members-Only Tournament. 

Deadline to sign up is August 4, so don’t hesitate. In fact, stop reading this email and call Recreation RIGHT NOW! (603)-863-6772 Eastman’s tennis pro Josh Holt is running the event that begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday and has three categories: Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, and Women’s Doubles. For $20/pp you get a chance to be memorialized as a 2019 Eastman tennis champ (i.e., you’ll get a mention in the next email blast) and enjoy a carbo-loaded barbecue following the matches.

Last year’s categories filled up fast, so don’t be left sitting on the sidelines. Like Men’s A team player, Mitch Utell in the photo, keep your eye on the little yellow ball and save the date: 8/10.


Eastman’s teams continue to practice with pro Josh Holt and work towards a strong finish to the 2019 season that is only one week away for the Men’s A team and the Women’s teams. With a total of 58 players, Eastman has more teams than any other site hosting teams in the UVCTA this year.

With only eight players this year, the Men’s A team has had its work cut out for them in a very competitive league that includes teaching pros on a couple of the other teams’ rosters.

The Women’s B teams, “Green” and “Blue,” with several new members in 2019, have been in the top half of their league all summer, trading the top spot with a couple of other teams. The Blue and Green have a combined total of 27 players this season. A win against the last place team next week would place Eastman “Green” in contention for the top spot.

Eastman has two Men’s B teams this year with a total of 23 players split almost equally between the “Podesta” and “Arnold” teams. The teams got off to slower starts as new partnerships formed, but with four weeks left to the “B” season, they are both hoping to finish strong.

A new face, new pro with new ideas, it’s a positive change.”

Feedback from the captains about the experience with a new pro this year has been extremely positive. According to women’s captain Heather Klein: “We are so happy to have him here. . . . Josh has provided drills that keep ladies moving and working on skills . . . He has added a fresh approach to our team clinics and works effectively and cooperatively with the Captains.” The men concur, with A team captain Jeff Adie adding: ” . . . it was a very solid practice. We did some things we had not done before. A new face, new pro with new ideas, it’s a positive change.”

The Men’s B teams were caught in a bad weather pattern at the beginning of the season, with many Thursday night practices rained out. When the skies cleared, Chris Arnold offered that he was really enjoying the drills that Josh has been running. According to the Men’s B captain, “They are fast-paced, fun, and involve both skill and strategy.” He also appreciates that Josh offers quick tips/corrections to individuals as he observes them playing and thinks that the instant feedback is very effective.

Eastman fans cheering on their team
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