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August 2nd, 2019

Eastman’s “Slam”–August 10

Wimbledon is a memory now. The US Open is just weeks away. But, in between the two “Slams,” we have our own and it’s going to be grand! So put down the remote and stop looking for action on TennisChannel. Eastman is where it’s happening next week! Choose a partner and sign up for this final weekend event of the 2019 season–Eastman’s Members-Only Tournament. 

Deadline to sign up is August 4, so don’t hesitate. In fact, stop reading this email and call Recreation RIGHT NOW! (603)-863-6772 Eastman’s tennis pro Josh Holt is running the event that begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday and has three categories: Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, and Women’s Doubles. For $20/pp you get a chance to be memorialized as a 2019 Eastman tennis champ (i.e., you’ll get a mention in the next email blast) and enjoy a carbo-loaded barbecue following the matches.

Last year’s categories filled up fast, so don’t be left sitting on the sidelines. Like Men’s A team player, Mitch Utell in the photo, keep your eye on the little yellow ball and save the date: 8/10.


Eastman’s teams continue to practice with pro Josh Holt and work towards a strong finish to the 2019 season that is only one week away for the Men’s A team and the Women’s teams. With a total of 58 players, Eastman has more teams than any other site hosting teams in the UVCTA this year.

With only eight players this year, the Men’s A team has had its work cut out for them in a very competitive league that includes teaching pros on a couple of the other teams’ rosters.

The Women’s B teams, “Green” and “Blue,” with several new members in 2019, have been in the top half of their league all summer, trading the top spot with a couple of other teams. The Blue and Green have a combined total of 27 players this season. A win against the last place team next week would place Eastman “Green” in contention for the top spot.

Eastman has two Men’s B teams this year with a total of 23 players split almost equally between the “Podesta” and “Arnold” teams. The teams got off to slower starts as new partnerships formed, but with four weeks left to the “B” season, they are both hoping to finish strong.

A new face, new pro with new ideas, it’s a positive change.”

Feedback from the captains about the experience with a new pro this year has been extremely positive. According to women’s captain Heather Klein: “We are so happy to have him here. . . . Josh has provided drills that keep ladies moving and working on skills . . . He has added a fresh approach to our team clinics and works effectively and cooperatively with the Captains.” The men concur, with A team captain Jeff Adie adding: ” . . . it was a very solid practice. We did some things we had not done before. A new face, new pro with new ideas, it’s a positive change.”

The Men’s B teams were caught in a bad weather pattern at the beginning of the season, with many Thursday night practices rained out. When the skies cleared, Chris Arnold offered that he was really enjoying the drills that Josh has been running. According to the Men’s B captain, “They are fast-paced, fun, and involve both skill and strategy.” He also appreciates that Josh offers quick tips/corrections to individuals as he observes them playing and thinks that the instant feedback is very effective.

Eastman fans cheering on their team
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